The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Thermal spraying & sintering - Key Technologies
  • water stabilized plasma system WSP® 500 and hybrid system WSP®-H 500 (ProjectSoft HK a.s., Czechia) with powder and suspension/solution feeders
  • RF/ICP plasma spraying system Tek-15 (Tekna Plasma Systems Inc., Canada)
  • powder flame spray coating system CastoDyn DS 8000 (Castolin Eutectic, Germany)
  • flame spray AD3 (Kovofiniš, Czech Republic), suitable for Al, Cu and brass
  • grit-blasting box
  • SPS "Spark Plasma Sintering" system - type SPS 10-4 (Thermal Technology LLC, USA)
Diagnostics of thermal spraying
  • coating thickness gage Positector 6000 (DeFelsko, USA)
  • in-flight measurement of particle temperature and velocity DPV 2000 (Tecnar, Canada)
  • in-flight particle analyser Accuraspray 4.0 (Tecnar, Canada)
  • integral analyser of the particle plume PlumeSpector (Tecnar, Canada)
  • shadowgraphy system SprayCam (Control Vision Inc, USA)
  • pyrometer, thermocamera and wireless thermocouples for online temperature measurement
Powder processing and analysis
  • glove box connected to tube furnace
  • powder mill Pulverisette 5 (Fritsch, Germany)
  • powder mill Pulverisette 5 premium line (Fritsch, Germany) with 250 ml bowls and in-situ pressure and temperature monitoring
  • glove box GS MEGA line (GS Glovebox Systemtechnik, Germany) with Ar atmosphere and heated plate in the large antechamber
  • vibratory disc mill RS 200 (Retsch, Germany)
  • analytical vibratory sieve shaker AS 300 control (Retsch, Germany)
  • ultrasonic sieve shaker with 3, 5 and 10 micron sieve (Precision eforming, NY, USA)
  • laser particle size analyser Mastersizer 3000 (Malvern, UK)
  • viscosimeter DV2TLV (Brookfield, USA)
Materialography laboratory and Sample Preparation
  • low-speed precision saw VARI/CUT VC-50 (Leco, USA)
  • high-speed precision saws TechCut 5 (Allied, USA) and Secotom-50 (Struers, Denmark)
  • vacuum sample impregnation – cold mounting
  • sample mounting hot press
  • manual polisher MTH Kompakt 1031 (MTH Hrazdil, Czech Republic)
  • automated polisher  TF 250/AUTOMATA Pressair (Jean Wirtz, Germany)
  • automated polisher Tegramin 25 (Struers, Denmark)
  • vibratory polisher VibroMet 2 (Buehler, USA)
  • electrolytic polishing machine LectroPol-5 (Struers, Denmark)
  • ion milling system RES 101 (BAL-TEC AG, Liechtenstein)
  • carbon evaporator BA350N (Balzers, Liechtenstein)
  • gold sputter coater ScanCoat Six (Edwards, UK)
Light microscopy
  • inverted light microscope Neophot 2 (Carl Zeiss, Germany) with built-in hardness measurement
  • inverted light microscope Neophot 32 (Carl Zeiss, Germany) with digital camera
  • stereomicroscopes
  • image analysis software LUCIA (Laboratory Imaging, Czech Republic)
  • digital macrophotography
Electron microscopy
  • analytic high-resolution scanning electron microscope Apreo 2 S LoVac (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Czechia) with Schottky field emission gun (FEG). Detectors: in-lens (T1, T2, T3), ET, LVD, DBS, STEM, CL. Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS): Oxford Instruments Ultim Max (100 mm2, 124 eV resolution)
  • scanning electron microscope EVO MA 15 (Carl Zeiss SMT, Germany) with LaB6 cathode. Quantax system (Bruker, Germany): energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) SDD detector XFlash® 5010 and EBSD detector e-FlashHR+ with forescattered electron detector ARGUS. In-situ tensile stage Microtest 200 N (Deben, UK)


Thermal analysis and heat treatment
  • thermal analysis Setsys TG-DTA 92 up to 1750 °C (Setaram, France)
  • thermal analysis Bahr STA 504 up to 1700 °C (Bahr, Germany)
  • vertical dilatometer Setsys 16/18 up to 1750 °C (Setaram, France)
  • thermal diffusivity/conductivity analyzer Flashline 3000 up to 1100°C (Anter, USA)
  • thermal diffusivity/conductivity analyzer LFA 1000 up to 1550 °C (Linseis, Germany)
  • programmable furnace up to 1400 °C, 21x16x11cm (Clasic, Czech Republic)
  • programmable furnace up to 1800 °C with protective atmosphere Linn HT 1800 (Linn High Therm, Germany)
  • programmable vacuum tube furnace up to 1250 °C (Clasic, Czech Republic)
  • vacuum tube furnace up to 1600 °C (Clasic, Czech Republic)
  • automated thermal cycling fatigue (TCF) test furnace ENTECH EEF5/16-HV (Entech, Sweden)
  • high temperature furnace IT-FRV-25/150/2600 (Linn High Term GmbH, Germany) with inert gas and temperatures up to 2600 °C
  • thermogravimetric and calorimetric tester THEMYS TGA/DTA/DSC (Setaram, France) up to 1600 °C with oxidation test option
X-Ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence
  • diffractometer D8 Discover (Bruker, Germany) with 1D detector LynxEye, high temperature chamber MRI up to 1600 °C in inert gas or high vacuum, colimators from 1 mm to 100 microns for local surface scanning, open Eulerian cradle for texture determination, rotating sample holder for stress tensor determination and coarse-grained materials, XYZ stage for measurement on various shape samples
  • energy-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer S2 PUMA (Bruker, Germany) equipped with HighSense LE SDD detector 
Density and porosity mesurement
  • gas pycnometer Accupyc 1330 (Micromeritics, USA)
  • mercury intrusion porosimeter PoreMaster 33 GT (Quantachrome, USA)
  • Archimedean porosimetry and densitometry
  • image analysis
Mechanical testing
  • mechanical testing machine Instron 1362 with upgraded 8800 series electronics  (Instron, UK), stages for 3-point and 4-point bending, adhesion testing according to C633, EN 15340 standards, pin test, and TCT test
  • universal hardness tester Nexus 4504 (Innovatest, Netherlands)
  • universal hardness tester Q10A+ (Qness, Austria)
  • SAR tester (Slurry Abrasion Response), according to ASTM G75 standard
  • cavitation tester, according to modified ASTM G32
Physical properties
  • LCR meter Agilent 4263B with Agilent 16451B dielectric test fixture (Keysight, USA)
  • electrometer Keithley 6717A with 8101  resistivity test fixture (Keithley, USA)
  • direct d33 meter JZ-4B (H.C. Materials Corp., China)
  • surface roughness testers Surtronic 3P (Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd., UK) and Surftest SJ-210 (Mitutoyo, Japan)