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SUMmer TRAIning Course 2022


SUMmer TRAIning Course 2022 was held this year despite the fact that the COMPASS tokamak is already gone and the COMPASS-U has not yet arrived. Students from all over the world got a chance to get their hands on real scientific work in nuclear fusion research! The 18th 2-weeks summer training course (SUMTRAIC) took place from Monday, August 29th to Friday, September 9th at IPP.

12 Sep 2022


The '2022 Plasma Roadmap: low temperature plasma science and technology' published in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (IOP)


The 2022 Roadmap is the latest update in the Plasma Roadmaps series, featuring the visions of 41 leading experts in various subfields of low-temperature plasma (LTP) science and technology.


1 Sep 2022


Installation of steady state magnetic field sensors on the ITER tokamak


The first set of 24 steady state magnetic field sensors was installed on the ITER vacuum vessel sector on July 2022.

25 Jul 2022


The extensive studies of disruptions at the COMPASS tokamak will help to improve the models for ITER


Scientists from the COMPASS tokamak at IPP in Prague and the ITER Organization have performed a set of experiments to improve the understanding of plasma disruptions.

12 Jul 2022


Evropská vesmírná agentura dala zelenou přípravě českého vesmírného dalekohledu


The preparation of the project for the construction of the first Czech space telescope, on which the TOPTEC Centre of IPP cooperates, was launched in these weeks by astrophysicists from the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno.

30 Jun 2022


IPP at the Science Fair 2022


On June 2 - 4, 2022, Czech Academy of Sciences organized the biggest popular – educational event of its kind in the Czech Republic – the Science Fair.

4 Jun 2022