Publications, year 2023

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Bogár K., Varju J., Havlíček J., Stöckel J., Podolník A., Hron M., Pánek R. : Characterisation of the auxiliary heating power delivered by the 40 keV neutral beam injectors on the COMPASS tokamak. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Roč. 65, č. 2 (2023), č. článku 025004. ISSN 0741-3335. E-ISSN 1361-6587 Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion | Link
Dimitrova M., Popov Tsv.K., Dejarnac R., Kovačič J., Ivanova P., Gyergyek T., Losada U., Hidalgo C., Pánek R., Stöckel J. : Application of the triple-probe technique to magnetized plasmas. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Roč. 65, č. 1 (2023), č. článku 015009. ISSN 0741-3335. E-ISSN 1361-6587 Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion | Link
Guesmi M., Kanclíř V., Thoř T., Taboubi O., Šeděnková I., Panthi Y., Pfleger J., Žídek K. : Study of defects in fused silica via a Franck-Condon analysis. Journal of Luminescence. Roč. 257, May (2023), č. článku 119668. ISSN 0022-2313. E-ISSN 1872-7883 Journal of Luminescence | Link
Hojná A., Pazderova M., Rozumová L., Vít J., Hadraba H., Stratil L., Čížek J. : Performance of Sc-Y-ODS variant of Eurofer steel in stagnant PbLi at 600?C. Journal of Nuclear Materials. Roč. 575, MAR (2023), č. článku 154227. ISSN 0022-3115. E-ISSN 1873-4820 Journal of Nuclear Materials | Link
Kaviti A. K., Akkala S. R., Sikarwar V., Sai Snehith P., Mahesh M. : Camphor-Soothed Banana Stem Biowaste in the Productivity and Sustainability of Solar-Powered Desalination. Applied Sciences-Basel. Roč. 13, č. 3 (2023), č. článku 1652. E-ISSN 2076-3417 Applied Sciences-Basel | Link
Kokori A., Tsiaras A., Edwards B., Mašek M., Pintr P. : ExoClock project. III. 450 new exoplanet ephemerides from ground and space observations. Astrophysical Journal. Supplement Series. Roč. 265, č. 1 (2023), č. článku 4. ISSN 0067-0049. E-ISSN 1538-4365 Astrophysical Journal. Supplement Series | Link
Kripner L., Krbec J., Zelda J., Markovič T., Titus P., Vondráček P., Ficker O., Hron M. : Toroidal magnetic field ripple in the presence of misaligned toroidal field coils on the COMPASS-U tokamak. Fusion Engineering and Design. Roč. 187, February (2023), č. článku 113378. ISSN 0920-3796. E-ISSN 1873-7196 Fusion Engineering and Design | Link
Šiška F., Drozdenko D., Máthis K., Čížek J., Guo T., Barnett M. : Three-dimensional crystal plasticity and HR-EBSD analysis of the local stress-strain fields induced during twin propagation and thickening in magnesium alloys. Journal of Magnesium and Alloys. Roč. 11 (2023), s. 657-670. ISSN 2213-9567. E-ISSN 2213-9567 Journal of Magnesium and Alloys | Link
Sokolowski P., Kielczawa T., Mušálek R., Tesař T., Nowakowska M. : The behavior of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating with laser microtextured bond coat under high temperature testing. Surface and Coatings Technology. Roč. 453, January (2023), č. článku 129095. ISSN 0257-8972 Surface and Coatings Technology | Link
Stelmashuk V., Tuholukov A., Krasik Y. E., Hoffer P., Schmidt J., Štraus J., Frolov O. : Study of underwater discharge initiated by a high-voltage preliminary pulse produced by a Marx generator. Journal of Applied Physics. Roč. 133, č. 3 (2023), č. článku 033301. ISSN 0021-8979. E-ISSN 1089-7550 Journal of Applied Physics | Link

The lists of publications were generated from the official Registry of publications of the CAS, maintained by the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic