The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR


Mgr. Maksym Buryi, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+420) 266 052 887
Deputy head
Tel.: (+420) 266 053 137
Research focus
The research is focused on the use and generation of thermal plasmas. This area includes the following:
  • Gasification and pyrolysis of organic waste materials for the production of hydrogen and high-quality syngas.
  • Destruction and subsequent gasification/pyrolysis of dangerous, e.g. medical and hospital waste.
  • Reforming of methane and other hydrocarbons.
  • Hydrogen and carbon black production from natural gas and wastes.
  • Utilization of the CO2 for the production of syngas from waste plastics which is in agreement with the philosophy of CCU (carbon dioxide capture and utilization).
  • Decomposition of perfluorinated compounds and fluorinated ozone-depleting substances.
  • Properties of thermal plasma and thermal plasma jets, interaction of plasma with gases, solids and liquids.
  • Investigation, diagnostic and modeling of plasma torches and electric arcs with water, gas and hybrid water/gas stabilization.
Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS
Plasma Chemical Technologies Department
U Slovanky 2525/1a
182 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic

Budova UFP
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M. Buryi

M. Hlína

M. Hrabovský

O. Jankovský
J. Jeništa

B. N. Lopez Nini
A. Mašláni

A. Prokhorov

S. Sharma

V. Sikarwar
O. Živný

PhD Students

J. Fathi

T. Hostinský

J. Pilař

Z. Tomášová

O. Šot
P. Brom
V. Březina

D. Kralik

A. Musil

L. Palas
Z. Zábranský