The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Head of Division

Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+420) 266 053 517


Deputy Head

Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+420) 266 053 233






Research Focus

Research of the three departments of this section focuses on nonequilibrium plasma and various possibilities of its utilization. The plasma is generated either by high-voltage electric discharges in gasses and liquids or by dedicated plasma torches. We study fundamental physical and chemical processes in the plasma to control and tune its properties to achieve specific effects for use in various applications, as in ecology , biology, medicine and surface treatment of materials. We are at the forefront in research of fundamentals of atmospheric-pressure discharges including their diagnostics and modeling. Thanks to the clever utilization of plasma properties, we can, for example, produce pure "green" or “turquoise” hydrogen, safely and ecologically dispose of hazardous waste, clean air from pathogens, help treat cancer, and protect the surfaces of components from the destructive effects of aggressive environments. More details are given in the descriptions of the research topics of the individual departments.