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Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+420) 266 053 233, (+420) 266 053 235
Deputy head
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Research focus
The research is focused on the investigation of plasma generated by pulse high-voltage electrical discharges in gases and liquids and its applications. The studied discharges can be divided based on their pulsed power into three sed power into three categories.
1) Low pulse power discharges
(0,1-10 MW/10-100 Hz)
a) in gases - pulsed corona and dielectric barrier discharges
b) in water - pulsed streamer discharges using metallic pin point electrodes and composite porous ceramic-coated electrodes
c) in gas/liquid environments - pulsed corona and DC self-pulsing discharges in contact with water surface or excited in vapor bubbles
2) Moderate pulse power discharges
(30-200 MW/1-2 Hz)
- generation of focused shock waves in water using high-current spark or multichannel streamer discharge plasma for medical applications - lithotripsy (disintegration of kidney stones), interactions with soft tissues (cancer treatment), controlled drug delivery (chemotherapy)
3) High pulse power/single shot discharges
(order of 10 GW/ up to 1 pulse/min)
- capillary discharges for stimulated emission of Ne-like Argon ions as a source of soft X-ray and XUV lasers
Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS
Pulse Plasma Systems Department
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Czech Republic

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