The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR


Tel.: (+420) 225 115 244

Laboratory of Plasma technologies (LPT)
Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS, v. v. i.
Hala No. 6, Areal VZLU, a.s.
Beranových 130, 199 00, Prague - Letňany
Tel.: (+420) 225 115 244

The Laboratory of Plasma Technologies (LPT) is a detached site of the Materials Engineering department of IPP. It was established in 2012 in Prague-Letňany as it moved to a newly refurbished building in an industrial park (VZLU) from the obsolete and insufficient premises in Prague-Chuchle. The Laboratory is fully equipped for fabrication of research sample materials as well as for custom plasma spraying and powder sintering by SPS.
The LPT also serves as a demonstration laboratory of plasma spraying with water stabilized plasma torch developed by the Thermal Plasma department of IPP in collaboration with the ProjectSoft HK company.

Plasma spraying 
  • Fully integrated and computer controlled system for plasma spraying equipped with online temperature measurement
  • WSP® 500 water stabilized plasma torch (with graphite cathode)
  • WSP®-H 500 hybrid water stabilized plasma torch (with tungsten cathode) - since 2014

    Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) of powder materials

    SPS 10-4 machine (Thermal Technology LLC, USA)

    • typical sample diameter after sintering: 10, 20 a 30 mm, height: 0,5 - 8 mm.
    • maximum temperature: 2400 °C
    • maximum pressure: 10 tons
    • maximum electric current: 4000 A