The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

GOAL: Compact flexible device with a set of unique parameters to support the ITER operation and address the key challenges of the DEMO reactor design
Main features
  • Closed divertor with high plasma and neutral density, high opacity, high PB/R
  • Extreme power fluxes
  • High magnetic field, access to advanced confinement modes
  • Operation with hot first wall and full recycling regime
  • designed to study and test of the liquid metal technology in the divertor for the power exhaust
Scientific programme

1. Conventional divertors

  • Experimental demonstration of detached operation at ITER/DEMO relevant power fluxes

2. Edge plasma physics and confinement related activities

  • Enhanced confinement modes (QH-mode, I-mode, negative triangularity)
  • Low torque operation
  • Disruption and RE physics (avoidance, mitigation, prediction, loads, etc.)
  • Validation of theoretical models

3. Test of advanced PFC materials in the divertor with quick response time

4. Test of liquid metals divertor concepts, hot wall operation

  • Effect of liquid metals on machine performance, comparison of heat flux handling with solid/liquid metals divertor

5. Snowflake divertor

  • Experimental demonstration of the snowflake configuration in a high density divertor; direct comparison with a conventional divertor