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National Grants

Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Provider
Implementation of activities described in the Roadmap to Fusion during Horizon Europe through a joint programme of the members of the EUROfusion consortium (Ing. Martin Hron, Ph.D.)
9D22001   MEYS CR
Plasma interaction with fusion reactor heat shield Mgr. Jan Horáček, Ph.D. DSc. GA2203950S   CSF
Ultra-fast soft X-ray sensorics for spectral monitoring of high-temperature plasmas Ing. Martin Imríšek, Ph.D.   TA CR
Cryogenic pump for high temperature tokamaks Mgr. Jozef Varju, Ph.D.   TA CR
MAgnetic Sensors for Thermonuclear Energy Reactors (MASTER) Ing. Ivan Ďuran, Ph.D. TK03030070   TA CR
NeGeTun - New Generation of Tungsten Components for High Heat Loads in Fusion Devices Mgr. Matěj Peterka TK03030045   TA CR
The impact of error fields on enhanced confinement regimes in tokamaks RNDr. Petra Bílková, Ph.D.   CSF

Projects within the EUROFUSION Consortium

Enabling Research Projects

Project Number Project Title Principal Investigator
CfP-WP14-ER-01/IPP.CR-02 Study of open physics questions for the extrapolation of ELM control by magnetic perturbations to next step devices doc. RNDr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D.
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-09 Joint experimental - theoretical effort to investigate large scale self-organisation of turbulence and flows in the framework of the L-H transition Patrick Tamain
(CEA Cadarache, France)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CIEMAT-01 Isotope effect physics: confinement and L-H power threshold Carlos Hidalgo
(CIEMAT Madrid, Spain)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ENEA_RFX-02 Magnetic reconnection in fusion plasmas Emilio Martines
(RFX Padova, Italy)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ENEA_RFX-06 Investigation of edge plasma electromagnetic filaments and associated transport: from ELMs to turbulent structures Monica Spolaore
(RFX Padova, Italy)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/HAS-02 Multimachine study of spatio-temporal characteristics of zonal flows in fusion plasmas Attila Bencze
(Wigner inst., Hungary)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ÖAW-01 Understanding of turbulent edge/SOL transport and structure formation by joint experiment and modelling approach Alexander Kendl
(Innsbruck Uni., Austria)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/Swiss Confederation-01 Synergetic numerical-experimental approach to fundamental aspects of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge Paolo Ricci
(EPFL Lausanne, Switzetland)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-01 JOREK, BOUT++ non-linear MHD modelling of MHD instabilities and their control in existing tokamaks and ITER Marina Becoulet
(CEA Cadarache, France)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/FOM-01 Ion temperature measurements in divertor-like plasma using CTS Hennie van der Meiden
(DIFFER, Netherland)

MST2 workpackages

MST2-12-IPP.CR Power decay-length scaling and pedestal scaling studies in the COMPASS tokamak Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.
MST2-9-IPP.CR Studies of generation and mitigation of runaway electrons in the COMPASS tokamak doc. RNDr.Jan Mlynář, Ph.D.