The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Fusion Research in the Czech Republic


The Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP.CR) has been the leading Czech research institution in the field of fusion physics for nearly 50 years. The main player in the Czech Republic's fusion technology initiatives is the Research Centre Řež.
Three main facets of Czech Republic's fusion initiatives are as follows:
COMPASS is one of the few tokamaks with ITER-like plasma shape; it contributes to scaling experiments towards ITER. The flexibility of COMPASS and a wide variety of dedicated high-resolution edge plasma diagnostics make it an excellent device to address some key problems associated with H-mode physics. Its scientific programme is geared towards pedestal physics, isotope effects, control of runaway electrons, the effect of external magnetic perturbations on the plasma performance, and plasma material interaction studies. Education and training are also important aspects of the COMPASS programme.


Research Centre Řež
Research and development in the Centre is focussed on nuclear energy, nuclear reactor physics, chemistry and materials. The Centre participates in the EUROfusion Breeding Blanket, Divertor & Safety and Environment Work Packages. Development of plasma-facing components will be supported by tests of first wall and divertor components at the HELCZA high heat flux facility. Experimental activities for the DEMO Breeding Blanket are being pursued with the PbLi (lead-lithium) loop MELILOO. These activities are complemented by the planned irradiation of a PbLi capsule in the LVR-15 reactor for investigating coatings and tritium permeation and also by the operation of a new 14 MeV Neutron Generator for the characterization of activation products. To support Breeding Blanket manufacturing technology, testing of Eurofer samples is planned in the LVR-15 reactor core.


Research Centre PALS
The PALS Research Infrastructure offers beam time of its high-power lasers to both domestic and foreign researchers. The main experimental facility is the pulsed terawatt iodine laser. The auxiliary femtosecond beam lines extend its capabilities with tools for femtosecond probing of plasma. Fusion-related experiments at PALS include, e.g., studies of impact ignition, a neutronic proton-boron fusion and inertial fusion relevant experiments.