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Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Provider
Simulation of meteoroid and asteroid explosions using a terawatt laser Ing. Michaela Kozlová, Ph.D.
 GA2111366S  CSF
Prague Asterix Laser System Ing. Miroslav Krůs, Ph.D.  LM2018114  MEYS CR
PALS-RI 2 Ing. Miroslav Krůs, Ph.D.  EF18_046/0015780  MEYS CR
Observations of exceptional points in atomic physics using XUV laser pulses Ing. Miroslav Krůs, Ph.D.  GA20-21179S  CSF
Study of electron densities and spontaneous magnetic fields by means of multi-channel complex interferometry Ing. Jan Dostál, Ph.D.  CSF