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SUMmer TRAIning Course 2023


SUMmer TRAIning Course 2023 was held this year despite the fact that the COMPASS tokamak is already gone and the COMPASS-U has not yet arrived. Students from all over the world got a chance to get their hands on real scientific work in nuclear fusion research! The 19th 2-weeks summer training course (SUMTRAIC) took place from Monday, August 28th to Friday, September 8th at IPP and it was organized by Dr. Jordan Cavalier.


11 Oct 2023


The TOPTEC Center to participate in unique QUVIK space telescope project


The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic has announced that it will support the Czech space mission QUVIK. The selection of the project was decided by the committee that manages the Framework Project to implement the support that the European Space Agency (ESA) will provide to space activities from the Czech Republic. QUVIK is thus progressing to the implementation phase.

23 Sep 2023


The first phase of the civil construction works for the COMPASS-U project has been completed


The Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS has completed extensive modifications of the Experimental hall and the Assembly hall belonging to the COMPASS large research infrastructure.As part of these modifications the concrete walls of the Experimental hall were strengthened from 60 cm to 150 cm and an additional floor was installed in the Assembly hall.The building modifications were successfully completed on 28th June 2023 with the issuance of the Building Final Approval.

11 Sep 2023


15th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics 2024


IPP is pleased to announce that the 15th Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics (FLTPD XV) workshop is organized by the Department of Pulsed Plasma Systems. The event will take place at the Conference Centre of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Liblice Castle from April 28 to May 2, 2024.

7 Sep 2023


Scientist from IPP joined the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Editorial Board


Jan Čížek from the Materials Department of IPP was elected a member of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology Editorial Board (JTST).

28 Jun 2023


The first use of the PAS method on cold sprayed deposits selected as the Best Paper of International Thermal Spray Conference 2023


The introduction of the world’s first use of positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS) method for the analysis of cold sprayed additively manufactured materials was selected as the Best Paper of the 2023 International Thermal Spray Conference (held in Quebec City, Canada).

28 Jun 2023