The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Steering Committee of the Association EURATOM IPP.CR

European Commission:

1. Simon Webster EC, Head of Unit - K6 (Fusion Association Agreements)
2. Vito Marchese EC, Scientific Officer RTD - K6 (Fusion Association Agreements)
3. Marc Cosyns EC, Administrator RTD - K7 (Administration and Finances)

Czech Republic:

1. Ivan Wilhelm Charles University in Prague
2. Petr Křenek Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS
3. Pavel Chráska Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS

Steering committee met once per year, usually in September. At the meeting, the committee, in particular:

  • Approved the composition of membership in the research unit
  • Approved the Progress Report on physics research performed since last committee meeting
  • Adopted the Work programme for the next period
  • Took note of the financial matters
  • Adopted the Forecast of Expenditure for the next period
  • Approved the report on mobility and the plan of the mission and secondments for the next period