The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Systems for Nuclear Power Industry


Czech Republic in its long-term plan for energy supply security counts on nuclear energy as an essential component of the energy mix and defines the need for research in both advanced fission generation IV reactors, as well as in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Many of the problems associated with the development of generation IV fission reactors with high passive safety is similar to problems associated with development of the fusion reactor, e.g. in terms of materials hardiness to high neutronfluxes, low material activation etc.
The difficulties and problems associated with the development of fusion reactor require joint efforts and resources not only within Europe but also worldwide. In accordance, the National priorities of oriented research, experimental development and innovation introduce a specific objective – participation in international R&D activities in the area of thermonuclear fusion. The character of the joint effort requires both the long-term strategy and the proper position of the Czech research at European and world scene with emphasis on those areas where our research institutions and industry can significantly contribute.
Strategie AV21The COMPASS Tokamak 
  • To address key physical and technological problems associated with the implementation of the ITER reactor and future fusion devices
  • To develop new materials, which can withstand extreme conditions in the generation IV reactors and fusion reactors
  • To develop new methods for determination of seismic hazard of nuclear installations
  • To determine missing data for nuclear reactions in advanced nuclear facilities
  • To prepare the next generation of experts for research and operation of the future nuclear installations,especially in the area of nuclear fusion
  • To define main social aspects of nucelar power
Coordination Board
  • Dr. RNDr. Radomír Pánek (Institute of Plasma Physics)
  • Dr. Martin Ďurďovič (Institute of Sociology)
  • Dr. Hynek Hadraba (Institute of Physics of Materials)
  • Dr. Jiří Málek (Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics)
  • Dr. Vladimír Wagner (Nuclear Physics Institute)
Topics and Researches
  • Participation of the COMPASS tokamak in international project of nuclear fusion research
    Radomír Pánek (Institute of Plasma Physics)
  • Development of materials for advanced nuclear reactors
    Jiří Matějíček (Institute of Plasma Physics)
  • Tests of HTS superconductors and Hall sensors for fusion power reactors
  •     Ivan Ďuran (Institute of Plasma Physics)

  • Integration of fusion reactors into power engineering
  •     Slavomír Entler (Institute of Plasma Physics)

    • Seismic hazard for nuclear facilities
      Jiří Málek (Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics)
    • Nuclear data for fusion and advanced nuclear systems
      Vladimír Wagner (Nuclear Physics Institute)
    • Preparation of experts for research and operation of nuclear facilities
      Jan Stöckel (Institute of Plasma Physics)
    • Social aspects of nuclear power
      Martin Ďurďovič (Institute of Sociology)
    • Radiation resistance of construction materials  for fusion