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The study of fracture-mechanics properties of cold sprayed Al deposits selected as the Best Paper of International Thermal Spray Conference 2024

The study of the effect of the input powder particles size on the fatigue and fracture-mechanics properties of Al materials additively manufactured by cold spray technology was selected as the Best paper of the 2024 International Thermal Spray Conference (held in Milan, Italy).


The main author of the study was Dr. Kovařík from the FNSPE CTU and the paper was co-authored by Jan Čížek, a researcher at the Materials Engineering Department of the IPP. The study was carried out in international cooperation with the German Helmut-Schmidt Universität in Hamburg.

A unique methodology for studying the non-trivial properties of these materials was developed at the Department of materials of FNSPE CTU. Its use described in the contribution “The effect of powder particle size on mechanical and fracture properties of cold sprayed Al” ( .cfm?vid=119&pid=8122 ) enabled to describe the behavior of the materials at their limit states, to quantify the fatigue crack propagation rates, and to determine their fracture toughness. The presented results were proposed by the conference organizing committee as an invited article for publication in a dedicated issue of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology.


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31 May 2024