The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

With deep sorrow we announce that our long-time colleague Prof. RNDr. Jan Mlynář, Ph.D. passed away on Monday, 4 December 2023

Jan Mlynář first encountered fusion research during his diploma thesis prepared at CASTOR tokamak over 30 years ago.

In 1996, he defended his PhD thesis at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, also on tokamak research done within the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. His post-doctoral research led him to EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland that was followed by his secondment to JET tokamak in UK. Later, Jan divided his time between fusion research at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and fusion education at the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University. At COMPASS, Jan was the driving force of a new research team focused on runaway electron studies. This team developed to a well-recognized group within this community, dedicated not only to the COMPASS experiment, but also to other European devices, such as TCV, ASDEX Upgrade, and JET.
At Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Jan established with his colleagues a new study programme Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion, which has become very important for the development of the fusion physics and technology research in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Thanks to his educational and research activities, Jan Mlynář was appointed the first "fusion" professor in the Czech Republic, almost exactly one year ago.
Last but not least, Jan's professional, editorial and popularization activities cannot be overlooked. In addition to scientific publications, he has authored a number of books, articles and presentations in which he introduced fusion research, its history, and perspectives to the general public. His last book, appropriately titled “The Hottest Dream Under the Sun”, was published (in Czech) only last month.
Jan will be remembered as friendly colleague, enthusiastic teacher and scientist who followed his vision and dedicated his life to fusion research and education. If you wish to share your memories and send messages to family and colleagues you can do so at this link . The messages will be published in an electronic condolence book . Funeral ceremony will be held in the New Ceremonial Hall in Prague – Olšany on Thursday, December 14 at 10:20 AM.


8 Dec 2023