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Samuel Lukeš collaborating on the design of the new divertor for the COMPASS-U tokamak awarded for his thesis

Samuel Lukeš is studying at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. On December 12, 2022, he won the Minister of Education Award for outstanding students and graduates in the study programme.


He received the award at a ceremonial meeting in the building of the Senate of the Czech Republic. Samuel Lukeš won the prize in the Master's study programme, where he demonstrated an outstanding ability to work independently on many related topics from plasma physics, through heat conduction, material properties, strong current aspects as well as 3D engineering drawings and challenging simulations. The student's thesis on the topic "Fast-deployed divertor suppressing heat pulses in tokamaks" deals with the tokamak as the most promising concept of a thermonuclear reactor, which will be used for the production of clean, inexhaustible and safe (electrical) energy. Samuel Lukeš designed the three manipulators for the new tokamak COMPASS-Upgrade.


Photo: MEYS.

30 Dec 2022