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We have launched the call for SUMTRAIC

The IPP Prague is happy to announce the opening of the call for participation in its 18th 2-weeks summer training course (SUMTRAIC) that will take place from Monday, August 29th to Friday, September 9th.

Due to the decommissioning of the COMPASS tokamak, no experiment will be ran during the course of the event. However, the extensive 10-years COMPASS database will allow participants to work on up-to-date scientific topics and analyze data from real fusion-oriented experiments. Like past years, only one day will be devoted to lectures and the rest of the time to the analysis of experimental data. In the last Friday of the event, students will present their two weeks work in front of a broad audience including the whole staff of the IPP fusion section. Social events (tour of Prague, welcome party...) are also foreseen and are considered essential for the good realization of the school.
All students from bachelor to PhD levels are welcome to apply till June 1 st. Applicants can expect an answer around mid-June and are required to provide a CV, a recommendation letter and a cover letter. A symbolic fee of 50 euros per participant is set to secure participation.
More information can be found on the SUMTRAIC website:
An advertisement poster can be downloaded here.
Last, from this year the event is dedicated to Jan (Honza) Stockel, the father of the event, that passed away recently. The event will be continued in his legacy, i.e. joy, enthusiasm for science and friendship.

9 May 2022