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The heart of Power Supply System of the new tokamak COMPASS-U delivered

The new flywheel generator, a unique custom made machine with total weight over 130 tons, was fully tested and is prepared to be installed on the tokamak site. This key device serves as an energy storage and supplies the tokamak during the experiment.

The flywheel generator with nominal power 108 MVA, voltage 10 400 V and current almost 6000 A can operate at a maximum speed of 1700 rotations per minute. The machine is assembled from three main parts: electric motor, synchronous generator and flywheel. Part of the delivery were also auxiliary systems such as lubrication station, cooling, control system, UPS, and mechanical break.
Total weight of the rotating parts of the generator is 68 tons and the 600 kW electric asynchronous motor feeded from the public network can spin it from 0 to 1700 rotations per minute in less than 30 minutes. During the pulse the kinetic energy is then transformed into electric energy through a synchronous generator, the speed drops to 1200 rotations per minute and up to 195 MJ of total energy is supplied to various tokamak systems.
Second identical flywheel generator is planned for the final configuration of the Power Supply System together with two 50 MVA flywheel generators from the previous system of tokamak COMPASS. This will give total power over 300 MVA which is more than a half of the power output of one block of Dukovany nuclear power plant. Total available energy of 490 MJ will enable tokamak COMPASS-U to reach its full parameter discharge with plasma current up to 2 MA and magnetic field 5 T for several seconds.


Strategie AV21 Power Supply System of the new tokamak COMPASS-U

Strategie AV21 Power Supply System of the new tokamak COMPASS-U















Photo: IPP.

10 May 2022