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New review article published in PECS (IF29) – Progress in in-situ CO2-sorption for enhanced hydrogen production

Hydrogen production from waste or biomass is a very actual topic considering current events and the need to transition to an economy with severely limited natural gas and oil resources.


Researchers from IPP in cooperation with colleagues from BOKU in Vienna, University of Ghent, UCT Prague & IPCF, and VJIET in Hyderabad have published a summary article on its production using the enhanced reforming method, in which the resulting carbon dioxide is captured, so the carbon is removed from the system. The result is synthesis gas very rich in hydrogen. The captured carbon dioxide is then released again in concentrated form and ready for permanent storage or further use (CCUS). Due to the fact that this is a very current topic and due to the quality of processing, this article was published in the very prestigious journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science with an impact factor of 29.


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Progress in in-situ CO2-sorption for enhanced hydrogen production

31 Mar 2022