The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

The new high-tech device for the Materials Engineering Department - scanning electron microscope

This week, the Materials Engineering Department has successfully installed scanning electron microscope Apreo 2 S LoVac with ultra-high resolution (<1 nm). 


The microscope is equipped with 9 detectors to study different types of interactions between the electron beam and observed samples. It will be used to develop new ultrafine-grained materials and observe changes of materials exposed to the high energy plasma.


Microscope was delivered by Thermo Fisher Scientific company, a world leader in electron microscopy. Energy-dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy analyser of the local chemical composition (EDS technology) Ultim Max was delivered by Oxford Instruments. The microscope was engineered, manufactured and tested in Brno, Czechia.
We thank Thermo Fisher Scientific and Oxford Instruments for successful delivery and great cooperation. Financial support provided by Czech Academy of Sciences is also gratefully acknowledged.

16 Dec 2021