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Industry Day at the Institute of Plasma Physics

On April 14, will be held a meeting with partners from the industrial sector at the Institute of Plasma Physics.


The director of the Institute and also the coordinator of the research programme Strategy AV21 "Systems for Nuclear Power Industry" dr. Radomir Panek will present key research topics of the programme. Keynote speakers will be also the representatives of the European agency "Fusion for Energy“. The meeting aims to establish partnerships between the academic and commercial sector before organizing the international conference SOFT 2016, which will be held in September 2016 in Prague and will be organized by IPP.


Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016
10:00   Introduction /Strategy AV21 Programme/
10:30   COMPASS tokamak /presentation, COMPASS upgrade/
10:50   ITER project and the „Fusion for Energy“ - F4E /presentation/
11:20   Research Centre REZ /presentation; SUSEN project/
11:40   Symposium SOFT 2016 /LOC presentation/
12:00   Coffee break
12:30   Czech Industry presentations /CKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA a.s., NUVIA a.s.,
             SKODA JS a.s., DEL a.s., VZU PLZEN s.r.o., ATEKO a.s., ProjectSoft HK a.s.,
             SVUM a.s., STREICHER spol. s r.o., MPOWER Engineering, a.s., MICO spol. s r.o./
14:00     Excursion /COMPASS tokamak/
Contact person:Karel Červenka, phone +420 725 648 710;  e-mail:
Venue: Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS, Za Slovankou 1782/ 3,   Prague 8 


29 Mar 2016