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Evaluation of the Research and Professional Activities of the Institutes of the CAS

One of the most important tasks of the management of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and of its institutes is permanent emphasis on the increasing of the quality of the scientific and professional activities, the involvement of the institutes in international scientific activities and quality realization of other functions of the CAS.


The Institute of Plasma Physics is also under evaluation. In order to ascertain the level of dealing with this task, the management of the CAS has been organising regular evaluation of its institutes since the beginning of the existence of the CAS in 1993. The evaluation of the research and professional activities of the institutes of the CAS for 2010–2014 is carried out based on the Support of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation from Public Sources and on the Amendment of Some Related Acts (Act on the Support of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation).


The research evaluation of the Institutes of the CAS for the period 2010–2014 will focus on individual assessment units within the Institutes; each assessment unit will be evaluated by one of 13 field panels.


Phase I

The first phase will resemble a lighter version of the British Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment exercise. In this phase, international evaluators, i.e. those who are not based at Czech universities or research institutes, will assess selected individual research outputs submitted to the panels (typically journal articles in most fields) using the REF quality scale. The activity of each panel will be coordinated by a Panel Chair.


Phase II

This phase of the Research Evaluation Exercise will be carried out by Field Commissions, consisting from a half of - ideally – the panel members or evaluators from Phase I (international reviewers) and a half of independent Czech reviewers. These committees will consider the quality profiles of assessment units made in Phase I, and reports submitted by individual research teams and the Academy institutes.


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19 Oct 2015