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Two Werner von Siemens Awards for IPP

Team of our researchers from the Materials Engineering Department received the Werner von Siemens award in the category “The most important outcome of basic research”.


The team led by Radek Musalek got the award for their work entitled “Deposition of protective layers from liquids using hybrid water-stabilized plasma”. They developed a new technology of plasma spraying from liquids (suspensions or solutions), which may be used for deposition of novel types of coatings. This technology takes advantage of properties of hybrid water-stabilized plasma WSP-H torch which was also previously developed at IPP. High enthalpy of plasma generated by the WSP-H torch allows high deposition rates and thus efficient preparation of coatings protecting industrial components against extreme environments. Thanks to the variability of the process, it is possible to deposit a wide range of materials and even their combinations. By controlling microstructure of the coatings, it is also possible to optimize their properties for various applications.


Team members:
Radek Mušálek, Jan Medřický, Tomáš Tesař, František Lukáč, Ksenia Illková, Jan Čížek, Zdenek Pala a Jiří Kotlan.


More info about the Werner von Siemens award here:

One team member Ksenia Illkova was also bestowed the “Award for outstanding female scientific work”. Member of the selection board, journalist Nora Fridrichova said: “We know that it may be difficult for women to work in science. Therefore, we decided to award the one that has not only some remarkable scientific results but also the life path that led to them.”

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Photo: IPP.

1 Mar 2019