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Ondřej Ficker from the Tokamak Department won the Josef Hlávka Prize for the year 2021


Ondřej Ficker, a PhD student at the Tokamak Department of IPP, won the Joseph, Maria and Zdeňka Hlávka Foundation Award for talented students up to the age of 33 who have demonstrated exceptional skills and creative thinking in their field.

29 Nov 2021


Key components of Power Supply System of the new tokamak COMPASS-U delivered


Works on the Power Supply System of the new tokamak COMPASS-U successfully advance. Further key components of the System were delivered recently, which will enable to create extremely strong magnetic fields in the tokamak coils.

26 Nov 2021


Czech science achievements: The Czech Academy of Sciences awards researchers for extraordinary results


During a ceremony at Villa Lanna on Monday, November 15, 2021, The Czech Academy of Sciences President Eva Zažímalová awarded the Academy of Sciences Awards "The results highlighted by these awards contribute to the prestige of Czech science in international comparison," pointed out Eva Zažímalová.

18 Nov 2021


The COMPASS tokamak has left the experimental hall of the Institute of Plasma Physics after 14 years


On Friday, October 22, the COMPASS tokamak was removed from the IPP's experimental hall. Following dismantling the support and diagnostic systems that took place since September, the 25-tonne device was lifted by a bridge crane and loaded onto a truck. COMPASS stayed in the experimental hall of IPP for fourteen years and had more than twelve years of successful experiments.

26 Oct 2021


A vision for the energy of the future takes concrete shape thanks to a new tokamak


The temperature of up to one hundred million degrees Celsius, or nearly ten times that of the center of the sun, will be inside the Prague Tokamak COMPASS Upgrade, a facility that will make a major contribution to the development of a prototype fusion power plant and which Czech scientists are building for themselves – only about five countries in the world can do so. “His predecessor COMPASS has already raised us among the world leaders,” says director of the UFP Radomír Pánek. "

25 Oct 2021


Open Days at IPP


Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences invites you to attend the open days in Prague and Turnov.

22 Oct 2021