The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Our Institute is the only entity in the Czech Republic specializing in the research and applications of plasma. The plasmas studied range from relatively cold discharge plasma with temperatures below 40,000 K (energies in the 1 eV order) to very hot laser plasma with temperatures in tens of millions K (energy above 1 keV). The range of densities of the plasma studied is also very wide. It spans from plasma density of several orders of magnitude lower than atmospheric pressure (tokamak discharges) to density comparable with one of solid phase (initial phases of laser plasma). By the lifetime, the plasmas studied can be categorized as nearly-stationary thermal (equilibrium) plasmas (in plasma torches), quasi-stationary discharge plasmas with several hundred millisecond lifetime (COMPASS Tokamak discharges) and non-stationary, highly non-equilibrium plasmas with a lifetime of 1 μs or less (pulsed plasma systems and laser plasma).
In the field of plasma generation and confinement, study of its properties and interaction with matter, including characterization and application of this interaction, IPP's approach is unique in its complexity on both national and international scale. The development of materials able to withstand long-term exposure to hot plasma in tokamaks can be used as an example. The materials are prepared by plasma spraying (by the IPP’s patented water-stabilized plasma torch), analyzed and optimized in the materials engineering department and then tested in real working conditions in the COMPASS Tokamak.
A wide experimental base, complex approach, close interconnection of theoretical and experimental work, strong agreement-based as well as informal cooperation with research institutions at home and abroad allows us to achieve outstanding and unique results on a worldwide scale.
Ongoing specific projects within the broad themes mentioned - which coincide with research focus of individual departments - can be found on their respective pages: