The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Research Unit

The Research Unit IPP.CR is composed from one institute of the Czech Academy of Sciencies, two university faculties and one institute dedicated to applied research:



Around 96 scientists and technicians take part in the work of the Association IPP.CR.


The EUROfusion research programme is organised by Work Packages that relate to the Roadmap missions. Each Work Package is lead by a team of project leaders from the Research Units. The Research Unit IPP.CR participates in the following Work Packages:

  • WPBB: Breeding Blanket
  • WPSAE: Safety and Environment 
  • WPCD: Code Development for Integrated Modelling
  • WPDC: Diagnostics and Control
  • WPEDU: Education
  • WPENR: Enabling Research
  • WPMAG: Magnet systém
  • WPMST1: Experiments of Medium-Size Tokamaks
  • WPMST2: Preparation of Exploitation of Medium-Size Tokamaks
  • WPJET1: JET Campaigns