The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Group of experimental physics

The group is focused on the scientific exploitation of the COMPASS tokamak as well as being involved in experimental studies in other fusion devices, mainly within the EUROfusion consortium, such as tokamaks JET, ASDEX Upgrade, TCV, MAST-U, and WEST. The diverse fields of expertise of our members enable us to study both the core and edge plasma physics, and the divertor and SOL physics in tokamaks. Main topics for our studies are: edge turbulent transport, access to enhanced confinement modes, ELMs, runaway electrons, resonant magnetic perturbations of the edge plasma, disruptions, detachment and plasma-wall interactions in general and liquid metals as plasma-facing components. Experiments in COMPASS were also performed in support of the ITER project and great contributions were made in the fields of the narrow SOL in start-up discharges, error fields, and halo current flows during disruptions. After the decommissioning of COMPASS, the group will focus on the future scientific exploitation of the new COMPASS-U tokamak, whilst keeping its involvement in EUROfusion activities.



Dr. Renaud Dejarnac

Tel.: (+420) 266 052 944


Fax: (+420) 286 890 448



Mgr. Klára Bogár

Mgr. Ondrej Bogár

Ing. Ondřej Ficker

Dr. Miglena Dimitrova

Ing. Ondřej Grover

Ing. Jaroslav Krbec

Ing. Tomáš Markovič

Mgr. Ekaterina Matveeva

doc. RNDr. Jan Mlynář, Ph.D

RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.