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Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Period
COMPASS RI - RESEARCH (Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.) EF16_013/0001551   2017-2021
Radiation processes generated by runway electrons in tokamaks (doc. RNDr. Jan Mlynář, Ph.D) GA18-02482S   2018-2020
COMPASS – Tokamak for Thermonuclear Fusion Research  (doc. RNDr. Radomír Pánek, PhD.) LM2015045   2016-2018
Study of Zonal flows and Alfvén eigenmodes in the COMPASS tokamak plasma (Ing. Martin Hron, Ph.D.)
GA16-25074S   2016-2018
Physics of edge-localized mode control in tokamaks (Dr. Miglena Dimitrova)
GA16-24724S   2016-2018
Reduction of localised heat loads in divertor of COMPASS tokamak by means of novel active techniques (Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.) GA16-14228S   2016-2018
Effect of misaligned, pre-damaged, and rough surfaces on erosion and surface modification patterns on W PFCs (Dr. Renaud Dejarnac) WP MST1-HLT20   2017-2018
Fast heat flux measurements in divertor region in tokamak COMPASS using ball-pen probes with sub-microsecond temporalresolution. (Mgr. Jiří Adámek, Ph.D.) GA15-10723S   2015-2017
Study of dynamics of the edge transport barrier on the COMPASS tokamak (RNDr. Petra Bílková, Ph.D.) GA14-35260S   2014-2016
COMPASS-RI - Contribution to operation and baseline human resources of the COMPASS tokamak - a large research infrastructure of European impact (RNDr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D.) LM2011021   2012-2015
Power decay-length scaling and pedestal scaling studies and related diagnostics in support of MST and JET (Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.) WP14-MST2-12   2014-2015
Investigation of turbulent plasma boundary of tokamak COMPASS using two deeply-reciprocating probes, interpreted by numerical models (Mgr. Jan Horáček, Ph.D.) GAP205/12/2327   2012-2015
Goal Oriented Training Programme WP12-GOT-GOT4TSI “Tokamak System Integration” / Restart activities of COMPASS tokamak (Ing. Martin Hron, Ph.D.) WP12-GOT-GOT4TSI   2012-2014
Numerical analyses and physical interpretation of the ITER-relevant experimental data from the Joint European Torus JET (RNDr. Jan Mlynář, Ph.D.) GAP205/10/2055   2010-2014
Control of edge localized modes in tokamaks by external magnetic perturbations (RNDr. Radomír Pánek, PhD.) GAP205/11/2341   2011-2014
Edge Plasma Studies on the Compass Tokamak (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) 16992/R0   2012-2014
Fast ion temperature measurements in the SOL using the ExB analyzer (Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.) WP12-FRF-IPP.CR/Komm   2012-2014
Contract of Association - EURATOM/IPP.CR (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) FU07-CT-2007-00060   2007-2013
European fusion development agreement (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) FU37-CT-2007-00044   2007-2013
Control of ELM size and frequency using externally imposed changes of the plasma position in the COMPASS tokamak (Ing. Martin Hron, PhD.) GAP205/11/2470   2011-2013
Free-boundary equilibrium integrated modelling of tokamaks—scenario optimization and control (Ing. Jakub Urban, Ph.D.) GP13-38121P   2013-2013
Joint carrying out by the Contracting Parties of activities within the thematic area "fusion energy research" of the Seventh Community (Euratom) Framework Program (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) 7G10072   2010-2013
Collaboration in Fusion Research on the joint European tokamak JET (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) LG11018   2011-2013
Electron cyclotron emission and Bernstein waves (Ing. Josef Preinhaelter, DrSc.) GA202/08/0419   2008-2012
Multi-range tomographic system for transport studies in tokamak plasmas (Mgr. Vladimír Weinzettl, Ph.D.) GA202/09/1467   2009-2012
Numerical Codes in Tokamak Plasma Physics (Mgr. Richard Papřok) 415211   2011-2012
FUSENET - The European Fusion Education Network (RNDr. Jan Mlynář, PhD.) 224982   2008-2012
Study of power and particle fluxes to plasma-facing components during ELM Control by in-vessel coils in ITER and evaluation of plasma response effects. (Mgr. Pavel Cahyna, Ph.D.) F4E-GRT-055   2011-2012
Systematic measurements of the plasma potential and the electron temperature during the L-mode and ELMy H-mode on several large European facilities by using ball-pen probe technique. (Mgr. Jiří Adámek, Ph.D.) KJB100430901   2009-2011
Enabling a programme of ITER relevant plasma studies by transferring and installing COMPASS-D to the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, Association EURATOM-IPP.CR. (RNDr. Radomír Pánek, PhD.) FU06-CT-2006-00088   2006-2011
Nonlinear Effects Near Antennas in Tokamaks (Ing. Václav Petržílka, DrSc.) GA202/07/0044   2007-2011
Modern trends in plasma physics (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) GD202/08/H057   2008-2011
Components and technology for fusion reactors (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, Ph.D.) 2A-1TP1/101   2006-2011
European Network for Training Ion Cyclotron Engineers (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, PhD.) FP6-042859   2006-2011
Thermonuclear Fusion Research on the joint European tokamak JET in Culham, United Kingdom (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) LA08048   2008-2010
Engineering of Optical Diagnostics for ITER (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, PhD.) FP6-042884   2006-2010
Joint carrying out by the Contracting Parties of activities within the thematic area "fusion energy research" of the Seventh Community (Euratom) Framework Program (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) 7G09042   2009-2009
Co-ordinated Research Project on Research using Small Tokamaks (Ing. Martin Hron, PhD.) 12936/R1   2004-2009
Development of the novel method of the direct plasma potential measurements in magnetic confinement fusion devices. (Mgr. Jiří Adámek) KJB100430601   2006-2008
Study of edge plasma interaction with plasma facing components in tokamaks. (RNDr. Radomír Pánek, PhD.) KJB100430602   2006-2008
Understanding edge tokamak plasma turbulence through direct comparison of interchange model with experiments (Mgr. Jan Horáček, Ph.D.) EDGETURB 044830   2007-2008
Physics and Underlying Technology and Keep in Touch Activities (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) ERB-5005-CT99-0102   1999-2007
Effect of edge plasma turbulence in tokamaks on the particle transport (Doc. Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.) IAA100430502   2005-2007
Measurements of magnetic field in magnetic confinement fusion devices usign Hall detectors (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, PhD.) KJB100430504   2005-2007
Advanced topics in physics and chemistry of plasmas (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) GD202/03/H162   2003-2007
Dissipation of strong electromagnetic waves and its consequences near antennas (Ing. Václav Petržílka, DrSc.) GA202/04/0360   2004-2006
Mobility Agreement (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) ERB-5005-CT99-0080   1999-2005
Technology Tasks (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) ERB-5005-CT99-0001   1999-2005
3D structure of the edge turbulence and its control on the Castor tokamak (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) GA202/03/0786   2003-2005
Modelling of specific processes in the edge plasma in tokamak (Mgr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D.) GP202/03/P062   2003-2005
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Role of Microturbulence and Electric Fields (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) 2001-2056   2003-2005
Anomalous diffusion of plasma particles in electrostatic turbulence and systems of magnetic islands. (Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.) IAA1043201   2002-2004
Particle acceleration in front of tokamak RF antennae (Ing. František Žáček, CSc.) IAA1043101   2001-2003
Experimental study and numerical modelling of the intrinsic and seeded impurities in the tokamak plasma (Ing. Vojtěch Piffl) IAA1043002   2000-2002
New launchers of lower hybrid and electron Bernstein waves for heating and current drive in tokamaks (Ing. Josef Preinhaelter, DrSc.) GA202/00/1215   2000-2002
Application of the TLBE methods in plasma physics (Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc.) GA202/00/1216   2000-2002
Generation of fast electrons and ions in plasmas (Ing. Václav Petržílka, DrSc.) GA202/00/1217   2000-2002
Interaction of intense spatially localized waves with tokamak (Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.) IAA1043003   2000-2001
Deterministic Chaos and its Physical Applications (Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.) GA202/01/1561   2001-2001
Plasma turbulence in the CASTOR tokamak (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) IAA1043701   1997-1999
New launchers for lower hybrid current drive in tokamaks - quasi - optical grills (Ing. Josef Preinhaelter, DrSc.) GA202/97/0778   1997-1999
Plasma density profile changes and stationary electric fields induced by radio frequency waves (Ing. Václav Petržílka, DrSc.) GA202/96/1355   1996-1998
Low-Z impurities behaviour in regimes with improved confinement in CASTOR tokamak (Ing. Jan Badalec) IAA1043501   1995-1997
Interaction of intense wave pulses with thermonuclear tokamak plasma (Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.) GA202/96/1350   1996-1997
Quasioptical grill for lower hybrid current drive in tokamaks (Ing. František Žáček, CSc.) IAA143405   1994-1996
Space-Time Mapping of the Edge Plasma Fluctuations on the Tokamak CASTOR (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) GA202/93/0711   1993-1995
Reflectometric Measurement of the Plasma Turbulence in Tokamak CASTOR (Ing. František Žáček, CSc.) GA202/93/1021   1993-1995
Complex optimization of lower hybrid current drive and plasma heating in reactor size tokamak (Ing. Josef Preinhaelter, DrSc.) IA143103   1993-1994
(Ing. Zdeněk Sedláček, DrSc.) IA14307   1991-1993
(Ing. Vojtěch Piffl) IA14311   1991-1993
(Ing. Václav Petržílka, DrSc.) IA14352   1992-1993
(Ing. Jan Badalec) IA14356   1992-1993
External control of edge turbulence on the CASTOR tokamak (RNDr. Jan Stöckel, CSc.) 14310   1991-1993
Radiation hard Hall probes (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, PhD.) JW6-OEP-CZEC-05   2005-0