The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

Individual membership in international committees and editorial boards

Membership in International Committees
R. Dejarnac

Expert of ITER ITPA Div/SOL Group, ITER Organization

Member of the Project Board of WP PFC, EUROfusion Consortium

P. Bílková Member of the International Scientific Commitee for the Laser Aided Plasma Diagnostics Conference
J. Horáček Expert of ITER ITPA Div/SOL Group, ITER Organization
M. Hron Member of the International Organizing Committee of Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT)
M. Hrabovský Board of Directors of International Plasma Chemistry Society
Chairman, Intl. Sci. Comm. of FSO - Intl. Symp. on Physics of Switching Arc
Exec. Comm. of Eur. Soc. of High Temperature Material Processing
K. Koláček Chairman of the Foundation "Support for International Center for Dense Magnetized Plasma"
Intl. Scientific Committee of Intl. Center for Dense Magnetized Plasma
P. Křenek CZ Delegate, Physical Sciences and Engineering, ESFRI (European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures)
J. Mlynář

Energy Working Group, European Physical Society

Governing Board, The European Fusion Education Network (FuseNet)

Commission on Plasma Physics, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

R. Pánek

Programme Committee European Atomic Energy Community (Fusion), EURATOM

Member of WEST Governing Board, CEA Cadarache, France

P. Pavlo Euratom Science and Technology Committee (STC)
Governing Board, Joint European Undertaking for ITER and Development of Fusion Energy, ITER Organization
General Assembly, EUROfusion Consortium
Scientific Committee of Joint Varenna-Lausanne Intl. Workshop "Theory of Fusion Plasmas"
P. Lukeš Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
K. Červenka Procurement and Contracts Committee Fusion for Energy (F4E)
I. Ďuran ITER Scientist Fellows’ Network, Magnetic Diagnostic for ITER, ITER Organization

 Memberships in Editorial Boards
J. Horáček Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
M. Hrabovský Journal of Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing
P. Chráska Ceramics - Silikáty
Acta technica CSAV
J. Matějíček Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
J. Mlynář

Czechoslovak Journal of Physics

Plasma Physics and Technology

Advances in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy