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This page contains presentations and other material created and made public during various phases of the COMPASS-U project:
  • preparation phase (before the start of the project in December 2018),
  • conceptual design phase (2016-2018),
  • design phase (2017-2019),
  • manufacturing phase (2018-2021),
  • assembly phase (2020-2022),
  • tokamak commissioning phase (2021-2022).



Date of creation
Description Date of publication
5/2016 Expert Study of the Power Supply System", as attached to the COMPASS-U project proposal before the first round of evaluation 16/5/2018
6/9/2016 24/4/2018
Presentation for industry partners, presented by Radomír Pánek on Industry Day organized by IPP in Prague
3/4/2018 Materials for videoconference with foreign fusion experts about possible COMPASS-U conceptual design improvements 24/4/2018