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Ongoing Grant Projects

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National Grants

Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Provider
COMPASS – Tokamak for Thermonuclear Fusion Research doc. RNDr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D.   MEYS CR
Project ID 633053 - EUROfusion Ing. Pavol Pavlo, CSc. 8D15001   MEYS CR
The impact of error fields on enhanced confinement regimes in tokamaks RNDr. Petra Bílková, Ph.D. GA19-15229S   CSF
Kinetic study of boundary plasma in COMPASS and COMPASS-U tokamaks David Tskhakaya, Dr. GA20-28161S   CSF
Advanced liquid metal technologies for fusion applications on COMPASS infrastructure RNDr. Martin Jeřáb, Ph.D.
EF18_046/0016011   MEYS CR
COMPASS-U: Tokamak for cutting-edge fusion research doc. RNDr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D. EF16_019/0000768   MEYS CR

Projects within the EUROFUSION Consortium

Enabling Research Projects

Project Number Project Title Principal Investigator
CfP-WP14-ER-01/IPP.CR-02 Study of open physics questions for the extrapolation of ELM control by magnetic perturbations to next step devices doc. RNDr. Radomír Pánek, Ph.D.
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-09 Joint experimental - theoretical effort to investigate large scale self-organisation of turbulence and flows in the framework of the L-H transition Patrick Tamain
(CEA Cadarache, France)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CIEMAT-01 Isotope effect physics: confinement and L-H power threshold Carlos Hidalgo
(CIEMAT Madrid, Spain)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ENEA_RFX-02 Magnetic reconnection in fusion plasmas Emilio Martines
(RFX Padova, Italy)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ENEA_RFX-06 Investigation of edge plasma electromagnetic filaments and associated transport: from ELMs to turbulent structures Monica Spolaore
(RFX Padova, Italy)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/HAS-02 Multimachine study of spatio-temporal characteristics of zonal flows in fusion plasmas Attila Bencze
(Wigner inst., Hungary)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/ÖAW-01 Understanding of turbulent edge/SOL transport and structure formation by joint experiment and modelling approach Alexander Kendl
(Innsbruck Uni., Austria)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/Swiss Confederation-01 Synergetic numerical-experimental approach to fundamental aspects of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge Paolo Ricci
(EPFL Lausanne, Switzetland)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-01 JOREK, BOUT++ non-linear MHD modelling of MHD instabilities and their control in existing tokamaks and ITER Marina Becoulet
(CEA Cadarache, France)
CfP-WP14-ER-01/FOM-01 Ion temperature measurements in divertor-like plasma using CTS Hennie van der Meiden
(DIFFER, Netherland)

MST2 workpackages

MST2-12-IPP.CR Power decay-length scaling and pedestal scaling studies in the COMPASS tokamak Ir. Mgr. Michael Komm, Ph.D.
MST2-9-IPP.CR Studies of generation and mitigation of runaway electrons in the COMPASS tokamak doc. RNDr.Jan Mlynář, Ph.D.