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Ing. Michal Jeremiáš, Ph.D.
Tel.: (+420) 266 052 887
Deputy head
Tel.: (+420) 266 053 137
Research focus
The research is focused on generation of thermal plasmas, properties of thermal plasma jets and fundamentals of plasma processing technologies. This area includes the following:
  • Generation of thermal plasma in arc discharges at atmospheric and reduced pressures, theoretical and experimental investigation of electric arcs with liquid stabilization or with combined gas-liquid stabilization.
  • Examination of properties of the thermal plasma, dynamics of thermal plasma jets, interaction of plasma jets with ambient atmosphere and with substances of different state of matter, primarily with solid state particles, liquid substances, and gaseous jets.
  • Development of methods for diagnostics of thermal plasma jets with extreme values of temperature, enthalpy, and flow velocity.
  • Theoretical modelling of arc discharges and thermal plasma flows.
  • Study of physical processes decisive for technological applications of thermal plasmas, namely for plasma spraying, decomposition of chemically stable substances and waste treatment, and synthesis of materials in plasma. 
Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS
Plasma Chemical Technologies Department
Za Slovankou 1782/3
182 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic

Budova UFP
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M. Hrabovský
J. Jeništa

M. Jeremiáš
P. Křenek

B. Lopez Nini
A. Mašláni
A. Serov
O. Živný

PhD Students
M. Hlína

F. Jafar
P. Ondáč

V. Sikarwar

R. Tomar
P. Brom
V. Březina

P. Filip
A. Musil

L. Palas

K. Votavová
Z. Zábranský


G. Pelet*

J. Pilař

J. Růžička

S. Tossens*