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Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Period
Decomposition of perfluorinated compounds and fluorinated ozone depleting substances in thermal plasma jets (Mgr. Oldřich Živný Ph.D.)
Reforming of gas and liquid hydrocarbons and organics in steam and CO2 thermal plasma jets (doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA15-19444S   2015-2017
Modelling and Diagnostics of Non-equilibrium Plasma Flow (doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.)     2013-2014
Interaction of steam plasma jet with solids, liquids and gases in low pressure and gasification reactors (doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GAP205/11/2070   2011-2013
Plasma torch with hybrid stabilization of arc for plasma spraying and pyrolysis of waste materials (doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) TA01010300   2011-2013
Plasmachemical processes and their technological applications (Doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GD104/09/H080   2009-2012
Innovation of technology for thermal spraying of materials (doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) FR-TI2/561   2010-2012
Integrated parametric research of electric arc with hybrid stabilization under different plasma flow regimes (Ing. M.S.M.E. Jiří Jeništa, CSc.) M100430901   2009-2011
Pyrolysis of organic substances and biomass in water/gas arc plasma (Doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA202/08/1084   2008-2010
Control of air entrainment process in thermal plasma jets generated by hybrid gas-water torch (Mgr. Tetjana Kavka) KJB100430701   2007-2009
Plasma pyrolysis and gasification of biomass (Doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) MEB020814   2008-2009
The research of industrial utilization of biomass and waste gasification in arc plasma (RNDr. Miloš Konrád) FT-TA4/050   2007-2009
Expanding supersonic plasma jet generated in dc water-stabilized arcs (Doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA202/05/0669   2005-2007
Formation of spatial patterns and their dynamical behaviour in thermal plasma jets (RNDr. Miloš Konrád) IAA1057202   2002-2004
The study of processes influencing radial transport of energy in a liquid-stabilized electric arc (Ing. Jiří Jeništa, CSc.) GA202/02/1027   2002-2004
Activity in international boards in plasma chemistry-Executive Committee of European Society ESHTMP and Subcommittee on Plasma Chemistry IUPAC (RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) LA 098   2000-2004
Thermal plasma generated in Gerdien arc and in arc with hybrid stabilization under atmospheric and reduced pressures (Doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA202/01/1563   2001-2003
Interaction of plasma generated by liquid stabilized electric arc with injected substances (RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký, DrSc.) IAA1043804   1998-2000
Generators of thermal plasma with liquid stabilized arcs (RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA102/98/0813   1998-2000
Activities related to the membership in the IUPAC Subcommittee for Plasma Chemistry (RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) LA 053   1999-1999
Properties of thermal plasma jet generated in plasma torch with water stabilized arc (RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) GA102/95/0592   1995-1997
Physical and Chemical Processes by Decomposition of Hazardous Waste in Plasma Generated by Water-Stabilized Plasma Torch (RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký, DrSc.) GA104/94/0417   1994-1996
Liquid Stabilized Electic Arc (RNDr. Milan Hrabovský, CSc.) IA14355   1992-1994
(RNDr. Vladimír Kopecký, DrSc.) IA14302   1991-1993