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Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Period
Dispersion strengthened high entropy alloys for extreme conditions (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) GA17-23964S   2017-2019
Stability of the interfaces in advanced tungsten materials for high temperature environments (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) GA17-23154S   2017-2019
Influence of defects on properties of bio-compatible high entropy alloys (RNDr. František Lukáč, Ph.D.)   2017-2019
Research center of surface treatment (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) TE02000011   2017-2019
Multidisciplinary research centre for advanced materials (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) GB14-36566G   2014-2018
Benchmarking of tungsten steel joints for the plasma facing wall of DEMO (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) AWP17-ENR-FZJ-01   2017-2018
Ultrafine-grained and nanocrystalline metals with high strength prepared by pulsed electric current sintering (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) GA15-15609S   2015-2017
Physical aspects of plasma spray deposition from liquid feedstock (Ing. Radek Mušálek, Ph.D.) GA15-12145S   2015-2017
Interaction of hydrogen isotopes with candidate fusion materials (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) GA14-12837S   2014-2016
Evolution of bonding interface during and after plasma spraying of metallic materials on magnesium and magnesium alloy (Ing. Tomáš Kubatík, Ph.D.) GP14-31538P   2014-2016
Precise powder feeding mechanism for water stabilized plasma WSP spray technology (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) TA03010270   2013-2015
Optimization and characterization of tungsten steel joints for the plasma facing wall using different coating technologies including FGM techniques (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) WP14-ER-01/FZJ-10   2014-2014
Thermal spray processing and high temperature structural stability of nanocrystalline thermal barrier coatings (Ing. Jiří Dubský, CSc.) GAP107/12/1922   2012-2014
Complex functionally graded materials (prof. Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) GAP108/12/1872   2012-2014
Failure processes of layered materials near phase boundaries (Ing. Radek Mušálek, Ph.D.) GPP108/12/P552   2012-2014
Development of W/Fe functionally graded materials (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) WP12-MAT-HHFM   2012-2013
Investigation of mixed materials surface changes after interaction with laser pulses and plasma streams (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) WP13-IPH-A01-P3-01   2013-2013
Interaction of tokamak plasma with fusion materials (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) WP12-PEX-03   2012-2013
Development of stabilized plasma (WSP) torch based technology (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, PhD.) FR-TI2/702   2010-2013
Development of tungsten-based functional gradient materials prepared using powder laser deposition (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) WP08-09-MAT-WWALLOY   2008-2011
Evolution of structure and mechanical properties of plasma sprayed materials under various loading (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) ME 901   2007-2011
Study of the influence of dopants on the photocatalytic activity of the plasma-sprayed titanium oxide layers (Ing. Pavel Ctibor, PhD.) IAAX00430803   2008-2010
Physical properties of plasma sprayed refractory materials (Ing. Jiří Dubský, CSc.) GA106/08/1240   2008-2010
Nanocrystallization of plasma sprayed coatings based on eutectic ceramic alloys (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, PhD.) KAN300430651   2006-2009
Progressive thermally sprayed coatings with enhanced wear resistance (Ing. Pavel Ctibor, PhD.) 1QS200430560   2005-2008
New Materials for Extreme Environments (EXTREMAT) (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) NMP3-CT-2004-500253   2005-2008
New tungsten-based materials (Doc. Ing. Vlastimil Brožek, DrSc.) GA104/05/0540   2005-2007
Influence of microstructure on mechanical properties of thermally sprayed (Ing. Jiří Dubský, CSc.) GA106/05/0483   2005-2007
Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Ceramic Coatings (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, PhD.) ANCEC   2003-2006
Evolution of ceramics coatings during plasma spraying process (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) GP106/04/P012   2004-2006
Tungsten-Based Coatings for Plasma Facing Components of Fusion Reactors (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) TW5-TVM-PSW   2005-2006
Abradable Seal Coatings and Claddings for Compressor Applications (Sealcoat) (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, Ph.D.) GRD1-2001-40124   2002-2006
Composition changes of ceramic and metallic materials during their plasma spraying (Ing. Jan Písačka, Ph.D.) GA106/03/0710   2003-2005
Processes in Plasmas and Interactions of Radiation with Matter (prof. Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) KSK2043105   2001-2004
Boron carbide continual plasmachemical synthesis (Ing. Pavel Ctibor) GA104/01/0149   2001-2003
Failure processes of thermaly sprayed materials (Ing. Jiří Dubský, CSc.) GA106/01/0094   2001-2003
Upgrading of unique diagnostic and detection methods (Doc. Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) IPP1043020   2000-2001
Low-Z Coatings for Plasma Facing Components of Fusion Reactors (Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.) DV4/04(TW0)   2000-2001
Free-standing deposits from less-common materials manufactured by plasma spraying and their basic characteristics (Ing. Karel Neufuss) GA104/99/0304   1999-2001
Oxidation of iron and nickel-base alloys during plasma spraying (RNDr. Karel Voleník, CSc.) GA106/99/0298   1999-2001
Development of optimized, thermally sprayed metallic deposits using novel level of microstructure control (Ing. Jan Písačka, Ph.D.) OE49/1   1998-2001
Processes in plasmas and interactions of radiation with matter (Doc. Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) KSK1043601   1996-2000
Internal stresses in plasma sprayed coatings (Ing. Jiří Dubský, CSc.) GA106/97/0775   1997-1999
Use of multiple small-angle neutron scattering for studies of anisotropic microstructures manufactured by plasma spraying (RNDr. Jan Ilavský, PhD.) GA202/98/P066   1998-1998
Plasma spraying of silicates (Ing. Karel Neufuss) GA104/96/1353   1996-1997
Porosity Control in Plasma Sprayed Materials (Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) OC 515.10   1995-1997
Plasma sprayed ceramic/metal substrates for thick superconducting Bi-2212 films. Part A: Plasma sprayed oxide ceramics. (Ing. Dr. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) OE16A/EU1543   1996-1997
Utilization of Water Stabilized Plazma Generators for Materials Processing (Ing. Pavel Chráska, DrSc.) GA106/93/0638   1993-1995
(RNDr. František Kroupa, DrSc.) IA27104   1991-1993