The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR


We are currently working on dedicated fundamental research projects (Czech Science Foundation) and technology projects (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic).

In the recent past our projects were supported also from EU funds (projects COST, EUREKA, EFDA, EURATOM) and other international projects (National Science Foundation (USA), National Research Council (Canada),programme Kontakt MŠMT (Czechia).
We  also participated in the centre of excellence "Multidisciplinary Research Centre for Advanced Materials" and the centre of competence "Research Center of Surface Treatment"

Ongoing Grant projects of our deparment:
Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Provider
Tailoring thermal stability of W-Cr based alloys for fusion application (Ing. Monika Vilémová, Ph.D.) GA20-18392S   CSF
Development of High Temperature Liquid Metal Resistant ODS Steels for Fission/Fusion
Application (Ing. Jan Čížek, Ph.D.)
GA20-20873S   CSF
High temperature preparation of advanced refractory materials by inductively coupled plasma in controlled atmosphere (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) GA19-14339S   CSF
Non-conventional application of field assisted sintering technique for manufacturing of lightweight materials (Ing. Tomáš Chráska, Ph.D.) GA19-11275S   CSF
Deposition mechanisms and properties of multiphase plasma sprayed coatings prepared with liquid feedstocks (Ing. Radek Mušálek, Ph.D.) GA19-10246S   CSF


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