The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

High-Current Capillary Discharges



High-current discharges in a capillary are investigated as potential sources of coherent as well as incoherent soft x-ray radiation. Such sources can be used for many applications in science and new technologies:

  biological applications (imaging sub-cellular structures {membranes, radiation damage}),
element-state-selective radiation chemistry (so called molecular surgery),
real-time studies of fast chemical reactions and liquid-phase chemistry,
physics of thin layers and surfaces/interfaces {superconductors, magnetic layers},
X-ray induced luminescence (study of gap impurities {new semiconductors & insulators}),
materials science for real-time lattice dynamics, phase transitions studies,
X-ray lithography (development of integrated circuits with a resolution of 0.2 mm),
non-linear XUV optics,
dense plasma diagnostics (radiography/interferometry/shadowgraphy) - mm scale,
atomic physics phenomena (photoexcitation/photoionisation, inner-shell processes & threshold Raman processes),
development and testing of new class X-ray detectors for e.g. biomedicine & astrophysics.