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Project Title (Principal Investigator) Project ID Period
Advanced research of kinetic processes in streamer discharges (RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.) GA15-04023S   2015-2017
Plasma-liquid interactions in organic solutions induced by high-voltage electrical discharges (Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.) GA15-12987S   2015-2017
Chemical processes initiated by electrical discharge plasma in aqueous liquids for new applications (Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.) LD14080   2014-2016
Surface nanostructuring of various materials exposed to intense extreme ultraviolet and X-ray radiation (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) GA14-29772S   2014-2016
Optimization of ozone production and its transport efficiency (RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.) TA03010098   2013-2016
New atmospheric plasma sources based on surface barrier discharges for biomedical applications (RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.) LD13010   2013-2015
Research in the Frame of the Internatinal Center for Dense Magnetized Plasmas (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) LG13029   2013-2015
Characterization of physical and chemical processes in underwater discharge plasma for biological and biomedical applications (Ing. Petr Lukeš, PhD.) M100431203   2012-2015
Laboratory discharges for simulating and investigating Transient Luminous Events (RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.) M100431201   2012-2015
Advanced optical diagnostics of non-equilibrium micro-discharges (RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.) GAP205/12/1709   2012-2014
Effects of electrical discharge plasmas on chemical and biological contamination in water (Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.) IAAX00430802   2008-2012
Research in the Frame of the International Center for Dense Magnetized Plasmas - ICDMP (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) LA08024   2008-2012
Creating and probing nanostructures with X-ray lasers (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) KAN300100702   2007-2011
New trends in ozone generation (RNDr. Milan Šimek) GA202/09/0176   2009-2011
Focused tandem shock waves and their potential application in cancer treatment and controlled drug delivery (Ing. Petr Lukeš, Ph.D.) GA202/09/1151   2009-2011
Biological and chemical decontamination of water by electrical discharges (Ing. Petr Lukeš, PhD.) MEB0810116   2010-2011
Study of nonequilibrium kinetics of plasmachemical reactions in atmospheric gases at reduced pressure for applications in analytical chemistry (RNDr. Milan Šimek) GA202/08/1106   2008-2010
The extension of the research on soft X-ray sources based on the fast capillary discharge. (Mgr. Jiří Schmidt, Ph.D.) KJB100430702   2007-2009
Radiation of pulse high-current discharges stabilised by proximity wall (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) GA202/06/1324   2006-2008
Mutual interaction of two subsequently generated shock waves focused to a common focus (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) GA202/05/0685   2005-2007
Materials and Technologies for Fusion Reactor Components (Ing. Ivan Ďuran, Ph.D.) 1H-PK/07   2004-2007
Research in frame of the International Center for Dense Magnetized Plasma (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) 1P04LA235   2004-2007
Experimental and modelling studies leading ot onhanced generation and de-NOx processes in non-equilibrium, atmopsheric-pressure discharges (RNDr. Milan Šimek) IAA1043403   2004-2006
Radiation processes in pulse high-current discharges (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) GA202/03/0711   2003-2005
Combined Pulsed High-voltage Discharge for Water Treatment (RNDr. Martin Člupek, CSc.) GA202/02/1026   2002-2004
Water treatment by pulsed corona discharge in combination with TiO2 photocatalysis (Ing. Petr Lukeš, PhD.) ME 541   2002-2004
Study of non-equilibrium kinetics of pulsed corona discharge at atmospheric pressure (RNDr. Milan Šimek) IAA1043102   2001-2003
Generation of focused shock waves by pulse electrical discharges in water and their application in medicine (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) IBS2043004   2000-2003
An International Collaboration on Electrical Discharge Reactors for the Degradation of Organic Dyes (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) ME 472   2001-2003
Generation of chemically active species by electrical discharges in water (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) GA202/99/0305   1999-2001
Discharge based high-brightness soft X-ray sources (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) GA202/98/0831   1998-2000
Set-up of a computer network for the PALS international user's laboratory (RNDr. Václav Babický) LB98223   1998-2000
Pulsed corona discharges for plasmachemical destruction of organic pollutants in air and water (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) GA202/96/0746   1996-1998
Turbulent processes at the interaction of intense relativistic electron beam (IREB) with a plasma (Ing. Jiří Ullschmied, CSc.) IAA1043504   1995-1997
Study of the processes in the plasma created in Ar-N(2)-CH(4) mixture (Mgr. František Krčma, CSc.) IAC1043601   1996-1996
11th international Conference on High Power Particle Beams (BEAMS'96) (Ing. Karel Jungwirth, DrSc.) PG96029   1996-1996
Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Plasma Generation for Research of Plasmachemical Reactions in the Flowing Gas (Doc. Ing. Pavel Šunka, CSc.) GA202/93/1022   1993-1995
Complex Physical Characterization of Z-Pinch Plasmas (RNDr. Aleš Krejčí, CSc.) GA202/93/1023   1993-1995
Dynamics of Strong Supersonic Langmuir Turbulence (Ing. Karel Jungwirth, CSc.) IA14354   1992-1994
Dynamics of a Bounded Plasma at High Energy Deposition Rates (Ing. Jiří Ullschmied, CSc.) IA14358   1992-1994
Measurement of regular electric fields of strong Langmuir turbulence by intracavity dye laser spectroscopy (RNDr. Karel Koláček, CSc.) IA14303   1991-1993