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A vision for the energy of the future takes concrete shape thanks to a new tokamak

The temperature of up to one hundred million degrees Celsius, or nearly ten times that of the center of the sun, will be inside the Prague Tokamak COMPASS Upgrade, a facility that will make a major contribution to the development of a prototype fusion power plant and which Czech scientists are building for themselves – only about five countries in the world can do so. “His predecessor COMPASS has already raised us among the world leaders,” says director of the UFP Radomír Pánek. "


In an interview with the column of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic "Applied Physics," Radomír Pánek talks not only about the new tokamak COMPASS Upgrade, but also about the importance of the tokamak COMPASS for the ITER project, as well as the new challenges posed by current fusion research. You can read the full article here.

25 Oct 2021