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The Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlicek visited the TOPTEC Centre

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade and Transport Karel Havlicek visited the TOPTEC Centre on Thursday, September 9, 2021. He was guided by the director of the institute, Radomír Pánek, and the executive director of the TOPTEC Centre, Vít Lédl. The Member of Parliament David Pražák also attended the meeting.


The TOPTEC Centre is dedicated to cutting-edge applied research in optics. For example, TOPTEC-developed devices help to investigate the behavior of the sun, search for near-Earth asteroids, enhance the performance of telescopes, but also improve everyday industrial products in the automotive, transportation, or energy industries. The center, which is part of the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, is terminating its lease in its existing headquarters. The existing premises are already very difficult to provide the conditions for high-quality European comparable research, so it plans to invest CZK 200 million in the construction of a new cutting-edge science centre.


Representatives of the Centre presented to the Minister new long-term projects covered by the European Space Agency and a number of applications on which TOPTEC is working with private companies; many others are being developed by the Centre's team.


TOPTEC deals with optics and optoelectronics at the top international level. For example, an instrument that TOPTEC scientists and engineers were instrumental in implementing is now being flown to the sun in the ESA-NASA Solar Orbiter to examine the sun's corona. The TOPTEC team is also working together to build telescopes to search for potentially dangerous asteroids around the Earth and, among other things, completed last year's upgrade of the Perk telescope – the largest Czech telescope.

10 Sep 2021