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The jubilee year of the Otto Wichterle Prize was also awarded by two young researchers from IPP

Twenty-four talented scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences received the prestigious Otto Wichterle Award this year. It has been awarded since 2002, and this year was the Jubilee's 20th year. The ceremony was held at the Lanna Villa in Prague on June 29, 2021. Among the awards were two young scientists from IPP. Dr. Petr Vondráček from the Tokamak Department and Dr. František Lukáč from the Department of Materials Engineering.

Since his doctorate at the Mathematical Physics Faculty of Charles University, the professional interest of Petr Vondráček is focused on studying energy flows on the internal wall of tokamaks. Over the last few years, he has been involved in the achievement of several important results which have been used in the construction of the large international scientific facility ITER. He was a tokamak operator at COMPASS for six years. He is coordinating a large group of physicists, engineers and modelers who are jointly designing the new COMPASS Upgrade tokamak. He also works with experts from Germany, France, the US, the UK or Canada, with whom he has been involved in foreign experiments on ASDEX Upgrade and JET tokamaks within the European consortium EUROfusion.
Material research is the framework of František Lukáč's research. The young physicist graduated from the Mathematical Physics Faculty of Charles University, joined IPP in 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow and soon became a very important member of the team. It develops research into spot defects of materials (especially alloys) in interaction with hydrogen and nitrogen using various experimental methods including X-ray diffraction or positron anihilation spectroscopy. Or, it examines what happens in alloys and how they behave under set conditions. But what he's most interested in is the high-entropic alloys, whose studies he actually institutionalized. He is heavily involved in international material research. He was also involved in a project that won the 2018 Werner von Siemens Prize in the category of Most Important Result of Basic Research. František Lukáč is also an expert in the field of phase analysis of materials using the X-ray diffraction method with quantitative Rietveld analysis. It handles these analyses for university research teams as well as for companies.

Strategie AV21 Petr Vondráček

Strategie AV21 František Lukáč

Photo: CAS

29 Jun 2021