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New system for heat flux control in tokamaks

International team lead by researchers from DIFFER institute in Eindhoven with contribution of scientists from the Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS has developed multispectral device MANTIS, which allows to control edge plasma temperature in tokamak discharges.

This feedback system analyses camera images using dedicated algorithms 800 times per second and based on the location of emission of carbon atoms in the edge plasma it regulates the influx of nitrogen impurity into the plasma.
MANTIS was successfully tested at Swiss tokamak TCV as part of research supported by the European  EUROfusion consortium and the results were published in prestigious journal Nature communications. One of the scientific coordinators of these experiments was Michael Komm from IPP in Prague.



Picture: The TCV Tokamak at EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center. Credit A. Herzog / EPFL

23 Feb 2021