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The first deliveries for the new COMPASS-U tokamak realized

At the end of last year, the first technological components of the power supply system of the new COMPASS-U tokamak were delivered. This complex system powering the tokamak systems will have the maximum power input of up to 263 MW from the flywheel generators and the short-term peak power of semiconductor converters of up to 525 MW. 


Energy will be accumulated using four pulse flywheel generators with a total weight of about 400 tons.

Supplier ELEKTROTECHNIKA a. s. together with subcontractors TES VSETÍN s.r.o. and ABBCR s.r.o. began work on the designing and manufacturing of the system in February 2020, and by the end of last year, the first completed technological equipment of the power supply system was delivered. The delivery, in particular, included a 10.4 kV high-voltage switchgearfor powering the tokamak magnetic coils expanding the existing high-voltage switchgear, modified thyristor converters of the existing system and new converters including control system, diode rectifier blocks including diagnostics, and auxiliary systems of new pulse flywheel generator, namely starting equipment and excitation system.
According to the schedule, all equipment of the power supply system will be completed and ready for installation by the end of this year.


Strategie AV21 Starting engine of the shock generator in the test room

Strategie AV21 New HV 10.4 kV substation

Strategie AV21 Transformer for starting generator of shock generator




































Photo: IPP.

20 Feb 2021