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The Key elements of Solar Orbiter are developing in the TOPTEC Centre

Solar Orbiter is heading to the Sun in 2019. An important role in the project of the European Space Agency (ESA) plays also the Institute of Plasma Physics.


The scientific mission is a part of the programme called Cosmic Vision (2015-2025). The main aim of the mission is a study of the Sun and the inner heliosphere from the immediate distance and therefore with high resolution.


The key element of the probe is the METIS solar telescope. It is a device for studying corona, eruptive processes in corona and solar wind. The key optical elements of this telescope, e.g. imaging mirrors, were developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic in the laboratories of the TOPTEC Centre in Turnov, which is a part of the Institute of Plasma Physics.

You can read more about Solar Orbiter here (available only in Czech language).


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Picture: CAS.

20 Jul 2017