The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

The call for participation to the 2019 SUMTRAIC

The opening of the call for participation to the 17th SUMTRAIC 2019. The event will take place from the 26th August to the 6th September and the registration deadline is set to May 31st.


SUMTRAIC is an experimental SUMmer TRAIning Course in plasma physics in magnetic confinement fusion devices (tokamaks) organised annually at the IPP CAS. The centre of gravity of this summer school lays in the direct involvement of the participants in the processing and analysis of experimental data from the COMPASS tokamak or even in the participation in the experiments, when compatible with the experimental program.
Accommodation will be provided to participants and paid by the IPP Prague. Per diem allowances will be allocated to selected students. A fee of 50 euros is set to register applicant participation.
Come and get a real experience of what fusion devices really are.

1 Apr 2019