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The 10th COMPASS Programmatic Conference was held at IPP

On November 29 - 30, 2018, the 10th COMPASS Programmatic Conference was held at the Institute of Plasma Physics.

The conference was traditionally combined with the meeting of the International Board of Advisors (IBA). The International Board of Advisors was estabilished in 1999 to help with the formulation of the scientific programme, and to assess the scientific achievements of the EURATOM Association.
The Board meets once per year in Prague. Recently, it turned out practical to align the meeting with the COMPASS Programmatic Conference so that the IBA members can get a first-hand information on the status of this Association’s flagship project. However, also all other Association’s activities, the main results achieved during the year, and the plans for the next period are presented. The Board then holds a discussion and comes up with conclusions and recommendations which are minuted.



29 Nov 2018