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SUMTRAIC 2018 was held at the COMPASS tokamak

The traditional SUMTRAIC (SUMmer TRAIning Course) was held at the COMPASS tokamak from August 27 to September 7, 2018.


SUMTRAIC is a training school to get practical experience with tokamak operation. The main goal is to acquaint participants with all aspects of experimental plasma physics on a tokamak. In two weeks, participants from multiple countries obtained basic working experience in the fusion research, including preparation of the experimental campaign, operation of the tokamak, data analyses and presentation of results. SUMTRAIC 2018 was attending by 16 participants from 9 countries divided into groups by topics. Each group was supervised by 1 - 2 experts from the COMPASS staff.



Strategie AV21 SUMTRAIC 2018















Photos: Michael Komm, IPP.

7 Sep 2018