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IPP organized the "EUROfusion Liquid Metal Strategy Meeting"

The EUROfusion Liquid Metal Strategy Meeting was held in IPP on May 10-11, 2017.


The leading experts from Europe as well as worldwide met in order to discuss and prepare the strategy of the EUROfusion consortium for successful development of a liquid metal (LM) divertor on a suitable timescale for the prototype of the fusion power plant - DEMO. The strategy will be based on the recommendations developed by the "EUROfusion Plasma Exhaust Ad-hoc Group" (PEX AHG) and the outputs of evaluation of call for upgrades of the European fusion facilities in order to close the corresponding gaps.

The PEX AHG developed a European strategy in the area of plasma exhaust which includes development of a LM divertor as a possible option for DEMO. The COMPASS-U tokamak will be the only European device that could (and is ready to) install and test the LM divertor before 2028. COMPASS-U will be a high-magnetic field device with relevant plasma geometries.
The purpose of the project was to address some of the key gaps in the Plasma Exhaust Physics (PEX) due to suitable divertor configuration and extreme power fluxes generating conditions in the divertor similar to the future fusion reactors.



Strategie AV21 EUROfusion Liquid Metal Strategy Meeting

Strategie AV21 EUROfusion Liquid Metal Strategy Meeting















Foto: ÚFP.

12 May 2017