The Academy of Sciences of the Czech rebublic - ASCR

2nd Workshop „Advances in materials development”

On April 24 - 25, 2017 the 2nd International Workshop „Advances in materials development” will be held at IPP in Prague.


The purpose of this recently started series of specialized workshops is to concentrate attention to a selected materials topic - either on an emerging materials problem to be solved without delay or on a modern promising processing technology which could be used for development of materials with special properties.
The main topic of the second two days meeting will be “Induction plasma system for spray coatings and nanopowders production”. There will be again tutorial lectures on the induction plasma system (for short “RF plasma”) by the inventors and producers of that instrument as well as talks on applications of that unique technology for various special goals, given by its users. During the meeting there will be inauguration of a brand new RF plasma system TEKNA TekSpray 15 at IPP's lab, followed by demonstration of the system in operation for participants of the event. That will give you an exclusive opportunity to see one of just a handful systems in Europe.
The meeting will take place in the central lecture room of the main building of the Institute of Plasma Physics in the campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), Za Slovankou 1782/3, Praha 8, Czech Republic.


All participants are kindly requested to fill out and send back the form posted at: The deadline for submission is April 10, 2017. There will be no fee for all participants. The event is supported through Strategy AV21 Programme of the CAS.

3 Mar 2017