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Korean investors are interested in the results of the Strategy AV21 Programme "Systems for Nuclear Power Industry”

On February 17, an international meeting "Korean Venture Entrepreneurship - Nuclear Power" was held in the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Prague.


The meeting was attended by representatives of the Academic Council and the Technology Transfer Office of the CAS on one side, and dr. Johney Kim, CEO of GTL Global and dr. Spiros Teleoglou, CEO of GlobeTech Innovation on the other side. Results of the Programme "Systems for Nuclear Power Industry" were presented by dr. Radomír Pánek, Director of the Institute of Plasma Physics, who is the principal coordinator of the Programme.
The Korean delegation was very interested in the research performed in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion which is the main research field of the Institute of Plasma Physics but also in other topics of the Programme "Systems for Nuclear Power Industry“. In his presentation, Radomír Pánek emphasized especially the great potential of thermonuclear fusion. He highlighted the fact that fusion is a practically inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy for future generations. He also noted that "The research of controlled thermonuclear fusion requires a long-term strategy and a proper positioning of the Czech research at the European and worldwide scene with emphasis on those areas in which our research institutions and industry can significantly contribute."

The Korean company GTL Global is the leading investor in the field of intellectual property and it promotes innovation and technologies with application potential. The main objective of the meeting was to establish personal contacts and to attract the interest of investors.


Strategie AV21 Korean Venture Entepreneurship – Nucelar Power
















Strategie AV21 Korean Venture Entepreneurship – Nucelar Power















19 Feb 2016